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Jimbaran Bali restaurant Balique

Jimbaran restaurant Balique tables 2

Jimbaran Bali restaurant Balique

Jimbaran Bali restaurant Balique was a nice surprise for me one night when I was just cruising for something new, along Jalan Uluwatu in Jimbaran south of the airport in Bali.

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A light and airy place, almost bungalow style, Jimbaran Bali restaurant Balique is seemingly quite popular, with probably two thirds of the tables full the night I was there.

I just stumbled upon Jimbaran Bali restaurant Balique when I was unable to find my first choice Jimbaran restaurant, that being one of the beachside seafood establishments, curiously all closed the night we were there.

Very nice food, in the medium/upper price range (around 120,000 for a main course, in my case a lovely piece of salmon, ranging to 180,000 for more exotic dishes like jumbo prawns or Aussie meats), and drinks reasonable though expensive; for a whisky and coke 110,000, it is nightclub pricing.

However, this is because they use real alcohol not the counterfeit alcohol so common in Bali.

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The food was really nice, and the ambience lovely, staff attentive, I would go to Jimbaran Bali restaurant Balique again for a elegant and fairly sophisticated dining experience.

Jimbaran Bali restaurant Balique would have to be in the top 100 Bali restaurants and definitely in top Jimbaran restaurants.

It is very peaceful there, great decor, acoustics are good so you feel in a private space. When I went there it was prior to doing this website, so do not have any photos. Sorry. The menu below is taken from their website.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2103

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Ritumbara August 9, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Had a lovely night here, food was good, beautiful place, a good experience, nice place to eat if you are in Jimbaran.