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Bali supermarket Lotte Mart

Bali supermarket Lotte aisles

Bali supermarket Lotte Mart

Bali supermarket Lotte mart is a monster Bali discount supermarket where you can find anything on the bypass going towards Sanur coming from the Kuta end.

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Lotte mart in Bali is huge. Like Aldies on steroids. This is one of those ‘big box’ supermarkets that hit the West in the 70s and 80s. Here you will find pretty much everything you might want, or not, except TVs and computers!

There are rows of pots and pans, glasses, oven plates, plates, bins, everything for the kitchen.

Then there are those cheap knock down wardrobes and tables, wooden and plastic versions. There is a small clothes area, plus gym-type equipment.

And of course the food area. Lots of fresh veggies, origins unknown, plus rows of fridges full of meat, chicken, fish, squid, you name it. The rows of condiments and Bali spices.

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Then there are the big rows of crap, the stuff that Indonesians like to call food! An of course the canned food sold worldwide. Plus the toothpastes, shampoos etc.

Like most supermarkets like this you go in for a few things and come out with 5 times as much. I spent 3 times what I had ever spent in a Bali supermarket before ($130, cheap by Aussie standards, but so much stuff!), and I got a lot of things, some of which will stay in my cupboards for a while until I have a use for it.

And other stuff that is good.

Outside they also sell cars, couches, electric bicycles – where there are customers the hawkers will rent some space to sell stuff.

Huge carpark, with a couple of cafes selling basic Indonesian food and cold drinks.

Word of warning – do NOT go here with kids! And they do not provide free bags, so you either have to buy small cloth ones, massive cloth ones (could fit two grandmas in one of these!) or plastic ones. Bring your own bags.

By Mark O’Brien, September 2015

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rogier ymker June 17, 2017 at 6:51 pm

i have been on the phone first time i can not be connected with the meat departement second time i get connected they let me wait 5 minutes on the phone so i hang up telefon again they try to connect me but the line goes dead 6 phonecalls after nobody picks up .i am a very angry customer who has been customer with lotte for 13 years with my restaurant now but if i can not order meat and my phone is being ignored i get angry and think about taking my business elsewhere.081338130328