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Bali bakery Balivita

Bali bakery Balivita cake

Bali bakery Balivita

Bali bakery Balivita on Jalan Sunset opposite Lippo Plaza in southern Bali is an Indonesian style bakery that opened mid 2015 and disappointed immediately!

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When I saw Bali bakery Balivita I got a bit excited – maybe they have some Western style pastries like almond croissant? – and so was disappointed to see that all of their goodies were full of the toxic soup of white flour, white sugar, artificial flavours and colours that Indonesian baked goods are about.

Feeding these things to kids is, in my opinion, bordering on the criminal. Their brains are affected by this crap, their ability to think hampered and it stuffs up their immune systems too.

I had a look around – lovely place, well set up, and sometime soon the upstairs coffee shop will open. Nice big and clean kitchen, lots of display cabinets with every single pastry and cake wrapped in its own plastic.

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Personally I hate all of the plastic that Indonesians wrap everything with – not only is it bad for the environment and wastes oil, but the plastic leaches into the food and creates or increases the health issues of those who eat them.

Bit of a shame really, as I often go down that part of Bali, just past Bali mall Carrefour, and would love to pick up my favourite pastries there.

By Mark O’Brien, September 2015

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