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Bali Apple and iPhone store iPart

Bali Apple and Iphone store iPart

Bali Apple and iPhone store iPart

I was very impressed with the service, efficiency and price of Bali Apple and Iphone store iPart on Jalan Sunset just past the jalan Iman Bonjol junction heading towards Kuta.

iPhone and Apple gadget repair and retail shop iPart is one of seemingly a whole bunch of iphone stores to open in Bali in the last year.

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I was having dramas with my iphone. The battery was not charging, the button was a bit hit and miss, and after getting a price from Global, the big Mac store on Iman Bonjol, of a million – plus to install new battery etc, I was very happy to find iPart.

Previous I had been recommended to go to iPark Store in the Kuta Galleria in the Kuta central parking area and they replaced the plus where the cable inserts intot eh phone, which solved most of my pressing concerns, and charged me 350k for that.

They also quoted me 350k for a new battery (which they did not have in stock) and 300k to do a service on the button which would take 3 hours. Both of which I felt OK with.

Then when recently I was riding down Sunset and saw Bali Apple and Iphone store iPart I decided to do a comparison.

The guy quoted me 300 for a new battery plus 220 for a new button, and the whole thing to take an hour. Done, and I left my phone with them for an hour and when I came back it was all done and ready to go.

Bali Apple and Iphone store iPart is a small modern store, and seem to do repairs mostly for Apple gadgets, although I did see someone bring their laptop in.

Good service, the boss has very good English, the only thing it is a bit awkward to get to, but that applies to most places on Sunset.

It is, in my experience, unusual for an Apple person to both know what they are doing and speak good English. Very happy I found this place.

By Mark O’Brien, February 2015

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