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  • Family Friendly
  • Live performance venue, Party venue, Pub/Bar, Restaurant
  • Bali North, Amed | Map
  • Balinese, General European, Indonesian, Seafood
  • Live Music, Reggae
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • Budget

Amed restaurant Wawa Wewe 1

Amed restaurant wawa wewe 1 space

Amed restaurant Wawa Wewe 1

Amed restaurant Wawa Wewe 1 is a fun restaurant and bangalow complex at the eastern end of Amed where live music and a party vibe happens most nights.

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Wawa Wewe is the Balinese version of this and than, comme ce comme ca, and there are two of these restaurants in Amed, with the other one further west and without bungalows.

The food is kid friendly, with not too menu spices, so parents can relax. There is a special kids menu with all of the non challenging, taste-wise, foods that kids love.

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The Western menu consists of a substantial nibbles menu, salads, lots of fish, prawn and chicken dishes for mains, some of which look very interesting.

There are a few Balinese dishes and more Indonesian ones.

The main thing here at Wawa Wewe 1 is that it becomes a bit of a party palace at night, especially in high season, an Amed hotspot! Sort of hotspot anyway, as it is still pretty quiet here in Amed.

Nice open spaces for dancing, a spacious bandstage, and some cool places to hang out in, makes this a good Amed party setting.

By Mark O’Brien, March 2015

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