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  • Family Friendly
  • Resort, Restaurant
  • Bali North, Bali, Amed | Map
  • European breads, General European, Indonesian
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  • Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
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Amed restaurant le Jardin

Amed restaurant le Jardin tables

Amed restaurant le Jardin

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The menu here is simple, with a couple of breakfast options, fruit salad, pancake or bread with eggs!

It is very peaceful here, though unless you were staying close by, and the provided breakfast didn’t do it for you, it is hard to imagine why anyone would come for breakfast although lunch or dinner is more likely.

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There are a few dishes on what is probably the smallest menu in Bali, largely catering to the residents of the B&B , with one dish of fish, chicken, pork and vegetables along with pizza and sandwiches.

Le Jardin has a charm about it, cool and relaxing and is a lovely Amed restaurant in a quiet part of town.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2015

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