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  • Family Friendly, Swimming pool/beach, Wifi
  • Beach restaurant, Dive centre
  • Bali North, Bali, Amed | Map
  • Balinese, Grilled, Indonesian, Seafood
  • Cruisey Beats
  • Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
  • Budget, Mid Range

Amed beach restaurant Diver’s Café

Amed restaurant Divers Cafe row of tables
Amed beach restaurant Diver’s Cafe

Amed beach restaurant Diver’s Café is attached to the Amed Diver’s Café guesthouse and is a standard Amed beach restaurant with good food

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I stayed at the Amed Diver’s Café guesthouse here with a group and found the rooms clean and comfortable, and at 250k a night including breakfast a very good deal also.

We all went to the restaurant for breakfast which was OK, but that is the case with most middle of the road Bali restaurants whose speciality is NOT breakfast!

Breakfast consists of omelettes, white bread toast, fruit salad, Bali coffee and some juice of obscure origin – while the owner is French there were very few French influences apparent, at least not in the breakfast menu.

Dinner, however, was a different story, and both nights we ate there I had the grilled barracuda with garlic sauce which was really good, and at 45k excellent value.

My friends all enjoyed their dinners also. Amed beach restaurant Diver’s Café also serves a good quality arak, which we discovered goes quite well with coke, and we were all surprisingly hangover free each morning.

Bali arak, for those who do not know, is a local coconut or rice based alcohol that varies immensely in quality, and should only be consumed at a reputable place, especially those with a Western owner. Cases of people going temporarily blind have happened.

That said, Bali arak can be really good, a cheap way to get an alcohol buzz, and has a nice affect, but be careful. Some restaurants also have fruit steeped in arak for a few weeks which is really nice.

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Bali beach restaurant Diver’s Café in Amed is right on the beach even tho this is a stone, not sandy beach, with some quite good snorkelling to be had just 20 metres offshore.

The water here was very calm so it was a pleasure to snorkel and see lots of fish and some remnants of what appears to have been a thriving coral reef.

Some colour remains in the coral, but between general reef degradation and local pollutants the reef here, like everywhere in Bali, is under severe stress.

Amed beach restaurant Diver’s Café is also home to a dive centre with dive tours available as well as dive courses.

Diver’s Café has a pool which is quite nice to hang out in, as are the row of tables overlooking sunset over the ocean.

Amed beach restaurant Diver’s Café is not the classiest restaurant in Amed, more a standard cheap eating place serving good clean food at a cheap price.

By Mark O’Brien, March 2015

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Mark O'Brien May 12, 2015 at 11:17 am

We stayed in their rooms across the road so ate here quite frequently. Good local food, breakfast so so, barracuda really good