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Seminyak sports bar Adrenaline

Seminyak sports bar Adrenalin crowd

Seminyak sports bar Adrenaline

Seminyak sports bar Adrenaline is a Bali sports bar and restaurant situated in the Seminyak Square in Seminyak near the Oberoi Hotel, on Jalan Lakasmana, aka Jl Oberoi.

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Catering largely to the Aussie AFL or rugby fan, Seminyak sports bar Adrenaline goes from being empty to totally full and then empty again after the game(s) is over.

With 18 TV screens it offers a good convivial place to watch a game, have a footy chat with a stranger, though it can be a bit bard to hear the commentary if there are 3-4 different games on at the same time.

Opened in 2012, it only had a very basic food menu, like pies and chips, real classic (and not sooo interesting) Aussie footy food. In early 2013, however, the kitchen has been refurbished and the menu has expanded somewhat to include a few of the Indonesia standards, must tastier than pies and chips.

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Mostly the crowd is good natured, but given that people’s passions can get aroused watching their team, the odd alcohol-fuelled Aussie belligerence occurs, and I did see a running brawl there last year.

I heard that was the only such brawl, but I have witnessed at least one other moment of aggro behaviour.

The problem is of course is that the drunken Aussies are bigger than the bouncers. And it must be said that the main culprits are West Coast Eagles supporters from Perth who think they have a right to get in everyone’s face.

As Bali restaurants go it hardly rates, but as a Bali sports bar Seminyak sports bar Adrenaline is pretty good.

What is refreshing about Seminyak sports bar Adrenaline is that all prices are inclusive of tax and service charges.

By Mark O’Brien 2103

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Indiana March 27, 2014 at 6:12 pm

Great place for footy. Crappy food.

admin April 15, 2014 at 2:41 pm

A good sports bar, the best in the area to watch AFL, food OK, staff good.