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Wine bars in Bali

Seminyak wine bar and restaurant vin bottles rack

Wine bars in Bali

There are not so many wine bars in Bali, mostly concentrated in the Petitenget and Seminyak areas. No doubt the larger resorts in Nusa Dua and Sanur will have a well equipped wine cellar but generally Bali is a beer and spirits kinda place!

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There are only a few wine bars in Bali, largely due to the difficulty in importing wines into Indonesia and the 300% tax that is applied.

Mostly the Bali wine bars stock Australian, French, New Zealand and Chilean wines, with wine bars gambling on what is going to sell here at the high prices that the import tax demands.

I am more familiar with Australian wines, so when I see the popularity of a wine like Jacob’s Creek (a cheap wine that few people who love wine would drink in Australia) it apparent to me that it is mostly the lower end wines that are on offer, with the occasional special one for those with deep pockets.

For example I saw a bottle of shiraz from Australia’s most famous red wine producer, Grange Hermitage, at Benoa restaurant Sakala for 18 million ($1850).

In order to get around the bureaucratic and price hurdles of importing wine to Indonesia, some companies have taken to importing wine grapes from Australia and making wine here.

However, it is still early days for this, and currently these wines are only a small step up from previously available ‘Indonesian’ wines and so it will be some years before a quality Indonesian or Balinese wine is available.

Usually you can bring a bottle of wine to a restaurant, for a price, but this might require a discrete and ‘normal’ conversation with the manager.

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Upmarket Bali restaurants like Ku De Ta, Potato head, Starfish Bloo at WMetis, Sip, Sakala, Mozaic and Petitenget all have substantial selections of reasonable quality wines.

Following is a list of those restaurants that have a broad range (in the hundreds) of wines available rather than simply restaurants with a 2-4 page wine list, of which there are many.

Seminyak bottleshop Red and White

Seminyak bottleshop Red and White in Seminyak Square has a broad range of imported wines and spirits as well as locally produced wines.

Seminyak wine bar and restaurant Vin

Set in a stunning bamboo structure, Seminyak wine bar and restaurant Vin is more a place to have a lovely bottle of wine and then eat. They have a large bottle shop to peruse and find the right bottle, to drink there or take home.

This bottle shop is massive, more akin to a Western one. See the top photo.

Seminyak wine bar and restaurant vin bamboo

Vin is a stunning place with a huge bottleshop

Kerobokan wine bar and bottle shop Winehouse

Kerobokan wine bar and bottle shop Winehouse is opposite where Cafe Warisan was and has a large range of wines and spirits to choose from and have promotional wine tastings most afternoons.

Petitenget restaurant and wine bar Wahwah

Petitenget restaurant and wine bar Wahwah is an upmarket burger restaurant with a small wine shop where there are hundreds of bottles to choose from.

Petitenget restaurant Mase’ Kitchen and Winebar

Mase Kitchen have literally thousands of bottle to choose from, and is a mid priced restaurant serving good food, with nightly live entertainment.

Petitenget restaurant Mase’ Kitchen and Winebar inside tables

Mase has lots of nice international wine options

Petitenget restaurant and bar Best of Bali

Best of Bali is a bit dead, with not much happening, but they do have a very good selection of wine that you can either drink there or take away.

Jimbaran Corner Winebar

Jimbaran Corner Winebar is a small, densely packed bottleshop in Jimbaran and there is a bar next door where you can drink it!

This is by no means a definitive list, as no doubt there are many other Bali wine bars just awaiting my attendance, so this will be added to over time.

By Mark O’Brien, April 2015, updated August 2015

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