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Where to play pool in Legian and Kuta

Kuta rooftop bar SeVen at Kutabex players

Tables are for hire at SeVen rooftop bar at Kutabex

Where to play pool in Legian and Kuta

With Kuta and Legian the most dense tourist areas in Bali, there are lots of options where to play pool in Legian and Kuta ranging from grungy to quite classy.

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Legian and Kuta pool venues

Kuta rooftop bar SeVen at Kutabex is a stunning place to play pool. With three large and well maintained tables you can shill out here. Good music, cheap food and drinks, and there is a pool to swim in if the other pool gets too hot.

There are three tables on the more family friendly ground floor, while the rooftop bar is more for adults and also has three tables.

Outside of pool competitions the pool tables cost 65k an hour to hire. Quite good value given what it is. While the girls get tanned the boys can play pool

Kuta pool and bowling centre Paradiso tables 2

Paradiso is a great place to play pool and snooker.

If it is just playing pool you are wanting to do, then Kuta pool and bowling centre Paradiso is awesome. With perhaps 20 good pool tables, there is also a snooker table as well as bowling alleys.

At 35k an hour to play, Paradiso in Kuta is perfect if you want to spend a few hours playing pool without too many distractions.

Legian Café is close to the Love Shack and has a single table in the rear of the restaurant, although there rarely seems to be anyone playing there.

Have you played pool in Bali at any of these venues and like to say something about it? Leave your comment at the bottom of this page and tell us your fave places about where to play pool in Legian and Kuta.

RDV in Legian has two small tables and offers quite stiff competition. They also run pool competitions on Mondays and Wednesdays with 1 million in prize money.

Legian bar RDV ground floor bar

RDV has two small but high quality tables

Not far from RDV is Legian international restaurant Yut’z which as of August 2017 has a very nice pool table, good size, new cues and balls. There is a strong competition on Friday nights if you are in the area.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta also has a pool table though I have never played there.

Kuta Townhouses has a lovely big table with good cues in a pretty friendly bar. Being in the heart of Kuta the clientele is mostly Aussies and here you can get a good game and meet some of the local expats. A very nice table to play on.

They also show sport on TV here so it is a good place to watch a game and play some pool. They have a swimming pool close by so the kids can play there while mum shops, goes to a spa or the beach and dad hangs with his new mates over a game or two.

Y bar is a sports bar in Legian with a nice big table in the open air back section, so it is a good place to play a game in between sport on TV. This is a roudy Aussie sports bar so be prepared for serious Australiana in Bali!

The Love Shack on Jalan Legian in Legian has a few small tables and looks to be a good place to have a few games and meet some people.

For sure there are more venues in Kuta to play but these are just the ones I have been to. Feel free to ad additional ones in the comments section below.

By Mark O’Brien, June 2016

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