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Where to play pool in Kerobokan

Bumbak restaurant @90 pool one

Where to play pool in Kerobokan

Part 4 of the series, Where to play pool in Bali, Where to play pool in Kerobokan is a listing of bars where to play pool in the Kerobokan area including Umalas and Bumbak.

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Do you play pool in Kerobokan and and like to share your thoughts about your experience, or have another bar with a pool table in Kerobokan that you recommend? Leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

Kerobokan, if you look at a map, covers a huge area, bordering SeminyakCanggu and Denpasar and includes Umalas and Bumbak.

Click on the name of the restaurant or bar in green to go their page on this site where you will find more information and a map.

Pool tables in Kerobokan
Where to play pool in Bali Porky Duck

Litut Porky Duck has a lovely table.

Litut in Jalan Merthinadi towards Kerobokan Prison has a very nice table and mostly it is available to play with friends rather than having to fight to win the table. When there is a competition here, usually on a Wednesday night the competition is fierce.

In 2017 Scratch added an outdoor areas where they put a pool table. Nice to play after dinner, or for kids to play on before.

La Mexicana in Kerobokan has a good, larger size table on the patio which is a bit cramped. The cues etc are not really up to a good standard.

It seems they decided to ‘chuck a pool table into that space’ (that was dead and ‘almost’ big enough) without too much management support to make it a good pool experience.

The pool table at La Mexicana is mostly for kids of dinner guests, not somewhere one would expressly go to play pool.

Pool tables in Umalas

Flying Cook Sports Bar has a small and very challenging table, with small pockets, a slow surface and supercharged cushions. Mostly the table is free so friends can play without interruption.

The Plumbers Arms has a dedicated pool room which is home to a small table. Not such a great place to play as you have to use small cues to play as the room is narrow and poorly ventilated. More a place where the kids play before and after dinner.

Pool tables in Bumbak
Bumbak restocafe @90 pool dark

At Ninety had two excellent tables

At Ninety in Bumbak had two very nice, large size tables with good cues and balls and was possibly Bali’s best pool bar. Quality tables, not so busy, At Ninety closed mid 2015 possibly to reopen under another name.

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By Mark O’Brien, October 2015

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