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Thai restaurants in Bali

Seminyak Thai restaurant Waroeng Asia ceiling

Waroeng Asia in Seminyak, famous for its food

Thai restaurants in Bali

Everyone loves Thai food and there are lots of Thai restaurants in Bali as well as there being many Bali restaurants that have a few Thai dishes on their menu.

Do you have your favourite Thai restaurants in Bali that are maybe not on this list? Let us know about any Bali Thai restaurants that you know about and recommend.

Below are some of my favourite restaurants in Bali for Thai food.

Click on the restaurant names in green to go to their page on this site where you will find a review, some photos of the restaurant and their menu, plus a map showing where it is.

Thai restaurants in Petitenget and Batu Belig

Batu Belig Thai restaurant Oma Thai’s is a budget Thai restaurant that serves good quality Thai food in a fairly nondescript place

Batu Belig Asian restaurant Star Apple serves what they called modern Asian cuisine which includes a bunch of modern versions of traditional Thai dishes.

Petitenget Thai restaurant Thai Corner is popular and serve fairly good Thai food, although they have their moments! See the review.

Petitenget Thai and Indonesian restaurant Cafe Dengan tables

Cafe Dengan is clean, cool and elegant

Petitenget Thai Indonesian restaurant Café Dengan is a elegantly done restaurant serving Thai and Indonesian food.

Petitenget international restaurant Biku serves an eclectic mix of Asian foods including quite a few Thai dishes.

Thai restaurants in Seminyak

Seminyak world cuisine restaurant Safari at the Oberoi end of Seminyak is more an eclectic restaurant that picks the eyes out of various cooking cultures. The Thai food here is very good, as is all the other food here too.

Seminyak Thai restaurant Sawassdeekha is an old fashioned, locally run Bali Thai restaurant serving good cheap Thai food in the Padma area of Seminyak

Seminyak Thai restaurant Waroeng Asia has been serving really good and cheap Thai food in the Double 6 area of Seminyak for years. Lovely space, very relaxed vibe

Seminyak restaurant Warung Jerami is a nice place in Jalan Kunti with a few Thai selections on the menu

Seminyak restaurant Warung Ocha mostly serves nasi campur but also has an extensive Thai food menu. Food here is good, cheap and fast.

Thai restaurants in Umalas and Bumbak
Bumbak Thai restaurant Thai Gardens tables

Lots of lovely spaces at Thai Gardens

Bumbak Thai restaurant Thai Gardens is a beautiful Bali Thai restaurant serving very good Thai food in beautiful surrounds. My favourite?

Umalas restaurant Warung Hotei is a sweet little warung in Umalas that serves mostly Thai food. Good food, good price, lovely environment.

Thai restaurants in Benoa

Benoa restaurant Coconut serves some nice Thai curries from a large menu that includes dishes from all over.

Thai restaurants in Jimbaran

Jimbaran Thai restaurant Kat’s Kitchen is a very popular Thai restaurant serving good quality Thai food at a reasonable price.

Its sister restaurant, Ungasan Thai restaurant Kat’s Kitchen, about 10 minutes south, is a bit smaller but maintains the same standards, and is also very popular.

Thai restaurants in Kuta
Kuta kitchen bar Dulang inside tables

Dulang Kitchen Bar is a great lunch spot

Kuta Thai restaurant Dulang Kitchen is a bit unusually located, being in an area not know for its quality restaurants, but serves very nice Thai food.

Thai restaurants in Padang Padang

Padang Padang restaurant Yeye’s Warung serves a very good range of clean and tasty Thai food.

Do you have your favourite Thai restaurant in Bali? Let us know about it, its name and where it is by telling us about it in a comment below.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2015

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