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Sports bars in Seminyak

Adrenaline inside

Adrenaline is a popular sports bar in Seminyak

Sports bars in Seminyak

There are lots of sports bars in Seminyak with most of them concentrated in the Oberoi area. See also Sports bars in Bali for Bali sports bars in other areas.

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Sports bars in the Oberoi area of Seminyak

Nirvana restaurant and sports bar is a nice bar in Jl Kayu Ayu (the Oberoi restaurant strip) which turns into a restaurant around 7-8 in the evening, so the TVs get switched off. They show the sport on the Australia Plus network so basically AFL.

Nirvana bar wide

Nirvana bar is a popular sports bar

Adrenaline is a big Bali sports bar in Seminyak Square with maybe 16 TVs showing up to 4 different games at once. The viewing is good, and if you are lucky your game is the one going through the main speakers, otherwise it is hard to hear.

Adrenaline also offer sport on demand, so if there was a game you missed seeing or you are hoping for a different result by watching it again, you can watch it here up to a week later. Ask the staff.

Seminyak sports bar Adrenaline gets very busy and roudy (even violent on one occasion when one over-paid miner from Perth got carried away with his self importance!), especially when Perth teams are playing.

Adrenaline shows sport on Australia Plus network plus streams via internet other games. Sometimes they stream 2-3 games at once, so the signal can drop out.

As of July 2015 they have sport on demand, so if you missed a game you can watch it later at your leisure. Ask the staff about this.

Sports bars in the Dhyanapura area

Galaxy sports bar is one of the most established sports bars in Bali. Here you can watch up to three different games at once, in separate areas so the sound and crowd separation is pretty good. There is a swimming pool here for the kids to fool around in as well.

Galaxy have a big satellite here so they get games from the Australian Fox Sports network, meaning they will show every AFL and every NRL game. Galaxy is very popular with Aussies sports lovers in Bali.

It is pretty smokey here so not so great for kids from that perspective.

Galaxy street

There’s always a lively crowd at Galaxy at game time

Seminyak sports bar Lucky Day is also in the Dhyanapura area, and is a big sports bar with many, possibly 15, screens in two large bar areas so most likely the acoustics are OK.

On Jalan Kunti (where Bali Deli is) is Lizbah bar and restaurant that is pretty popular amongst expats and has a large menu, and is pretty family friendly. The TVs are in an awkward position somehow, but still a good place to watch a game.

Sports bars in Petitenget

The Clubhouse in Petitenget has been renovated and now has just two screens over the bar and no longer have a pool table.

Petitenget sports bar Nirwana Shack TV

Nirwana Shack is a small and friendly place for AFL

The Nirwana Shack in Petitenget is a small and friendly sports bar. With just two TVs, and a bit cramped viewing, this is nevertheless a great little spot to watch football in Petitenget.

Petitenget restaurant and bar Bull Bar has 3-4 screens where they show sport. They have live music each night so after 8 at night it is hard to listen to anything.

There are other places further down Petitenget road that show sport, but none are really sports bars, more restaurants that occasionally show sport on TV.

By Mark O’Brien, April 2015, updated July 2015

See also Sports bars in Bali for Bali sports bars in other areas

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Gary Leighton June 2, 2015 at 8:24 am

Lilzbah is on JL Kunti, Seminyak away from all the hustle and bustle. It shows all sports on four 40 inch TV,s and two large projector screens. Upstairs there is a free pool table and darts board along with a private VIP room which can be booked for up to 10 people to watch sporting events and double as a karaoke room. They have a large extensive menu with the biggest burger menu in Bali. It also has a kids menu and is a good family place to watch sports.

admin June 2, 2015 at 12:02 pm

thanks gary, will check it out - have never seen any signs etc.

Richard O'Brien August 21, 2015 at 4:53 pm

The Lucky Day Bar is my favourite. Owned by an ex-wallaby, it caters to all codes of footy. And the beers are 22k. Full of Aussies, of course. And Kiwis when the Blacks are playing.

admin August 22, 2015 at 11:30 am

probably good to tell people where it is?

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