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Sports bars in Jakarta

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Sports bars in Jakarta

Sports bars in Jakarta are a second home to expats and the odd Western tourists plus Jakarta locals gathering to play pool and watch their favourite sport and dine in relative style.

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For many expats playing pool is the main recreation and there are very competitive pool competitions and inter-bar teams. People play 3-4 nights a week against stiff opposition so become very good. Be wary of taking bets on pool with anyone!

On my visits to Jakarta I have found myself in a sports bar either to play pool in Jakarta or to watch a game on TV. The amazing thing is that so far I have always met someone I knew from Bali there.

I have been to some of these bars while others featured in this article were reviewed by Fentry Figiyanti so I can not personally say much about them.

Click on the name of the Jakarta restaurant/bar in green to go their page on this site for more information including a map.

Aphrodite pool tables

Aphrodite is a fun place of an evening.

South Jakarta sports bar and restaurant Aphrodite

Aphrodite bar in Kuningan is a personal favourite of mine. It has a dozen TVs tuned to all kinds of sport, bearing in mind that many of the expats here are European, American or Australian working in the oil industry. What is cute here is they supply you with a mini speaker so everyone can hear their game!

There are three very good pool tables, and the competition is quite fierce, and friendly!

There are also lots of local women open for company also. There is just the one area here. There is a kids pool outside which is a good parking area for kids!

The food is quite good, priced around the 120k mark, and drinks similar to upmarket bars in Bali.

Eastern Promise pool bar

Eastern Promise has areas for sport, dining and pool

South Jakarta expat and sports bar Eastern Promise

Eastern Promise in Kemang is more of an old style pub that has a few TVs around the place, with two good quality pool tables. This is more of an older scene, for both expats and the women who are here.

There is quite a ‘local’ pub feel to Eastern Promise, and it seems like most patrons are here most evenings for an after work drink.

There is a separate, non-smoking restaurant area in this Jakarta sports bar, a private pool room as well as smaller sports bar areas as plus the main bar, so there are a few options here.

South Jakarta sports bar Dungeon

With 8 tables Dungeon in Kemang is a busy pool bar

South Jakarta sports bar Dungeon

Managed and part owned by Aphrodite, Dungeon in Kemang is a real pool hall bar with 8 pool tables that you pay by the hour to play on. There are a few TVs around that show sport, but none with the sound on. On weekends Dungeon has live bands playing and is very popular and busy.

Kemang sports bar Dungeon is in the same building and underneath South Jakarta sports bar Fez which is also managed by the Aphrodite group and both of these bars have the same Westernised menu.

South Jakarta sports bar Fez

Kemang sports bar Fez has two pool tables and many TVs, and is more about the sport on TV than the pool. They tables here are free to use and are not in as good a condition as the ones in Dungeon. However the TV screens are bigger and obviously this is the place to watch sport while the Dungeon is where you go to play pool.

Both Dungeon and Fez open at 12 midday so are not available for games shown earlier.

South Jakarta sports bar and restaurant Mad Dogs bar

Mad Dogs is a large bar and restaurant

South Jakarta sports bar and restaurant Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs is also in southern Jakarta and is a friendly, laid back expat sports bar in Jakarta with lots of TVs and a pool table. There are some non smoking areas here also.

Good food reasonably priced, this is a popular Jakarta expat bar.

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South Jakarta sports bar Satu Lagi

With a good, broad menu and live music on days with no major sporting events (there are some different bars here). One of the best Jakarta sports bars, Satu Lagi has everything the expat looking for fun might desire.

South Jakarta sports bar and nightclub Top Gun

Top Gun in M Block is a bit of a walk on the wild side. A nightclub with a few TVs and two pool tables, this is not for the prudish! M Block is notorious in Jakarta for being the centre of prostitution in Jakarta and the girls are everywhere.

Top Gun only closes from dawn until midday every day.

Central Jakarta nightclub and bar Bats musicians

Bats is a lively place with lots of action

Central Jakarta bar and nightclub Bats

Bats is in the basement of the Shangri-la hotel in Jakarta and is the hotel bar, with lots of TVs tuned to whatever sport you fancy, and at night time it turns into a club with live music. With the clientele both expat and local, Bats is a fun and friendly place to go to.

The music is good, people are friendly, but no pool table here.

Central Jakarta Beer house and bar Bierhaus Stark

Bierhaus Stark sells the boutique Indonesian beer, Stark, which is growing in popularity all over Indonesia. There are multiple spaces here, with live music, lots of sport on TV, and another area with pool tables, dart boards and kids’ games.

Central Jakarta bar and pub The Jaya Pub general

The Jaya Pub is one of Jakarta’s oldest pubs

Central Jakarta bar and pub The Jaya Pub

The Jaya Pub won second prize for the best bar and restaurant in Jakarta in 2013 and is one of the oldest expat bars in Jakarta.

The Jaya Pub has a pool table and live music most nights with the possibility of joining the band to sing a song if you are feeling brave! There are no TVs here to watch sport.

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By Mark O’Brien, October 2015, updated August 2016

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