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Sports bars in Bali

Sanur restaurant Ayucious Trophy bar

Ayucious Trophy in Sanur is a big Bali sports bar

Sports bars in Bali

There are an ever increasing number of sports bars in Bali where people can go and watch Australian football like AFL and NRL along with the various car and horse races that are televised.

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Many restaurants have a TV on which they will show European football but I have not included this kind of place here. What I mean by sports bars is places that present themselves as bars where people go primarily to watch sport.

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Sports bars in Umalas
Umalas restaurant and sports bar the Flying Cook bar

The Flying Cook has a wide range of sports showing.

The James Cook in Umalas is the reincarnation of Legian sports bar Captain Cook, has sport from the Australia Plus network and also streaming via internet. They show AFL, NRL and other popular sports, including, for Aussie and English tragics, cricket!

The Plumbers Arms is not really a sports bar like the others as it just has one TV showing mostly English and European football and rugby. They do not seem to like AFL as I have never seen it on there (mind you, I usually go there after AFL games have finished so I may be wrong) so forget about AFL football in Bali here.

Sports bars in Legian

Wayan and Friends is mostly a restaurant that shows sport from the Australia Plus network which basically means just AFL.

Romeo’s on Jalan Legian is a busy place with a big screen where you can watch mostly AFL on the Australia Plus network, plus some other games streamed via the internet.

Legends in the Padma area of Legian is a big Aussie sports bar and grill that serves a predominantly Aussie crowd, with sports from the Australia Plus network with other games and sport streamed off the internet.

Legian sports bar Y Bar crowd

Y Bar is a busy and roudy place in Legian

Y Bar (pictured above) is a big Aussie sports bar where you can watch all of the Aussie football, races and Eurosport. Pretty roudy and a pretty good place to watch a game.

Sports bars in Kuta

Kuta Bamboo bar and grill is much more a restaurant with a few TVs around where they show sport from the Australia Plus network but with 5-6 TVs they qualify.

B Couple bar and grill is a big Kuta style (meaning it is huge, more of a pavillion than an intimate bar) bar and grill on Jalan Kartika Plaza, that has lots of TVs and show pretty much all sport all the time. As it is big and pavillion like, one thinks it is cheap, but I found this to be a very expensive bar. Buying your kids a watermelon juice will set you back 50k!

It is a bit hard to hear anything here though, as many TVs suspended from the ceiling just compete with each other.

Opposite B Couple is Stadium Cafe bar and restaurant which has lots of TVs and uninspiring food, while just down the road is the Railway bar and restaurant which has lots of TVs and sells overpriced seafood grills and Chinese food.

Surprisingly Bintang beer in this Aussie dominated area is amongst the most expensive in Bali, similarly priced to beer at Bali nightclubs. Double what the smaller venues charge and way more than in the more upmarket areas of Seminyak where you would expect to pay more.

Beware of the 21% tax and service charge they collect at these last three Kuta sports bars – it does add up.

Kuta sports bar Stadium Cafe street

There are many more sports bars in Kuta which I have not been to – if you are in Kuta they are easy to find.

Sports bars in Benoa/Tanjing and Nusa Dua

Meads Beach is a classy restaurant in Benoa that has a pool table and shows football from the Australia Plus network on two TVs.

The Peninsula is a big restaurant attached to a large resort and has lots of TVs and a pool table that shows Eurosports and AFL football from the Australia Plus network

Sports bars in Sanur

Sanur has a few sports bars although not nearly as many as Seminyak or Kuta, with The Onion by far the best in my opinion, the most family friendly one, with Arena more an old style pub.

The Onion bar and restaurant closed in 2018 and had 11 screens showing up to 8 sports, and has three large size, quality pool tables. As of June 2015 they will also get a quality dart board and will have Bali dart competitions as well as Bali pool competitions.

Sanur sports bar Onions pool tables

The Onion is an excellent Sanur sports bar

Arena is an old style pub with quality, old-style pub meals which also has a pool table and shows lots of AFL and NRL.

Barb’s Sport is a smaller convivial bar in Sanur showing sport from all over.

On and On is more of a pool bar but they do show AFL and NRL on TV, and this is a bit grungy, more a guy’s hang-out joint. Not a place to take the missus and kids.

Sanur sports bar Jimmy’s is a fairly basic sports bar with 2-3 TVs which is a bit grungy but seems to have a regular clientele.

Sanur restaurant The Shining Jewel does not market itself as a sports bar but nevertheless has 3-4 TVs tuned to the various games.

Sanur sports bar Stadium Cafe is a big place with a few smaller TVs and a pool table.

Sanur sports bar Ayucious Trophy is a big restaurant bar with many TVs, a great spot to watch a big game like a grand final as the bar area massive.

Sports bars in Kerobokan, Echo Beach and Canggu 

Satu Lagi sports bar shows sport pretty much all of the time and is a pretty comfortable place, with a pool out the back where the kids can hang out, or you can refresh after a particularly torrid game! The food here is quite good also, standard Western and Indonesian fare.

Echo Beach Sports bar crowd

Echo Beach Sports bar gets a good crowd for big games

The Echo Beach Sports Bar is not far from the beach and is a real ‘local’ type bar, with 3 TVs and a pool table. Not a big place but one where you will make friends watching a game.

Kerobokan sports bar and grill Scratch looks to be a quality place to eat and watch a game. In 2017 it became sports bar and grill.

Sports bars in Uluwatu, Padang Padang

Uluwatu restaurant Mamo is a pretty good place to watch a game between surfs. Reasonable food, just two TVs but popular when I visited on NRL final day.

Sports bars in Lovina

Bintang Bali sports bar in Lovina overrated itself somewhat, as it has just the one TV. However, there are not so many options in Lovina for sports lovers, and this is opposite the beach.

By Mark O’Brien, April 2015, updated March 2018

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Richard O'Brien September 11, 2015 at 12:17 pm

I don't see the Galaxy or Lucky Day in Dhyana Pura, Or the 2 in Jl Oberoi or the 3 (at least) in Jl Petitenget, including The Deck, probably the biggest. ED response You will see those under Seminyak sports bars at the top of that article – also the Deck has been closed for over half a year now. Cheers mark

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