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Single Malt Whisky in Bali

Single Malt Whisky in Bali rows

Single Malt Whisky in Bali

Single Malt Whisky in Bali is written by Vuska Turman, from Single Malt Whisky bar in Seminyak, Bali, as an introduction to drinking single malt whisky in Bali for newcomers.

The first time I was shown how to drink single malt whisky, I survived the explosion of tastes and that’s how our love was initiated. Maybe it’s just one-way love, but I don’t like to think that way.

I love whisky, and whisky loves me.

It’s almost on the edge of obsession, and needing to try more, to discover some new tastes. I look for photos on Instagram, follow the articles on Twitter. The whisky culture is amazing and so rich.

When you think about it, here we are, in the whisky bar in Bali, shelves full of single malt whiskies from all over the world, mainly from Scotland though. We sit and have chance to try all these beauties. But, the whole process of making the single malt as it is, the differences in tastes, smells, palates and colours; it’s a science, a dedication, it’s love.

So, next time you have one, think about the amazing process of making it, and you’ll appreciate it even more. The fact that all single malt whiskies have to stay in barrel for at least three years makes it kind of a special, right? And than: is it a bourbon cask, sherry, port cask. Is it peaty, smoky, sweet, fruity or spicy? What do I like actually?

And than you start finding the brothers and sisters of your taste, you can talk about it, discuss it, pair it with food, and organise tastings.

Looking at the photos of collectors, seeing the vintage bottles, distilleries promoting their special editions of whiskies just make you want to fly wherever they are and have a taste of all these rarities.

What is single malt whisky?

Malted barley, water, distilled using pot stills at single distillery, then aged at least for three years in oak casks; this is how the single malt whisky is made. Sounds simple, but is it?

The tradition of whisky making is associated with Scotland and Ireland, and it’s no wonder considering their tradition lasting for centuries.

Nowadays, the market is expanding, so the single malt whiskies can be found that come from Japan, Australia, Taiwan, India, Sweden, and many other countries.

Single malt whisky is a completely natural product, consisting of malted barley, water, with the taste depending on a range of factors including the ageing and the kind of wood casks that are being used in the ageing process.

Traditionally distilleries in Scotland were always built close to the source of fresh, clean water that would contribute to the pureness of the whisky produced.

Once you enter into the world of single malts, you discover completely new tastes and sensations, the excitement before trying the new one, and eagerness to know what more is out there to be discovered.

So, looking at the photos of collectors, seeing the vintage bottles, distilleries promoting their special editions of whiskies, just make you want to fly wherever they are and have a taste of all the different varieties.

 Some different single malt whiskies

Laphroaig 10

Laphroaig 10 is produced on Islay, small island in Scotland, a region specific for its peaty and smokey single malt whisky.

It’s interesting that only this kind of whisky was not banned during the US prohibition due to its medicinal features.

My love for this dram is connected with the people with whom I tried it, a wonderful couple that offered it to me. Warning – this is a strong one and not many people like it. But I loved it, to the satisfaction of my friends, since it was the “eureka moment” for my senses.

The other single malts from Islay amaze me too, the fact that I could smell the sea salt and sea weed, the delicate notes that makes you sip it attentively as if in a ritual.

Caol Ila, Lagavulin, Bowmore, especially 15 Years old- The Darkest, they are all very special.

Single Malt Whisky in Bali Balvenie

Balvenie – DoubleWood, 12 years old

Speyside is an amazing region with many distilleries, and with single malts like Cardhu, Linkwood, Glen Grant, Glenfarcias – 15 and 30 years old and Glen Dronach- 18 years old. Still one of the favourites from this region is Balvenie DoubleWood, aged for 12 years.

It ‘s kept in bourbon and sherry casks, therefore the name “Double Wood”. The most selling single malts in the world come from this region: Glenlivet and Glenfiddich.

Single Malt Whisky in Bali bottle Oban

Oban 14

Comes from region of highland Scotland. This dram reminds me of some incredible people that like to drink this dram, meetings with this people, talks about life, while drinking this smokey, yet smooth, single malt whisky.

It’s rich taste, citrus, and kind of sweetness that make it easy for drinking and staying in a great mood.

The other single malts from this region that are quite fascinating are Clynelish, Royal Lochnagar, Balblair- the vintage whisky, Macallan, especially the Whisky Maker’s Edition, and of course the Glen Garioch.

If you haven’t tried them yet, take my advice and warmest recommendation to immerse yourself in single malts.

Or if you already have favourite ones, try more, maybe similar to your preferences and taste. There’s so much to discover.

December 2014, and updated April 2015.

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