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Where to play pool in Seminyak

Where to play pool in Seminyak

Where to play pool in Seminyak

Part three of Playing pool in Bali, the following is a collection of places where to play pool in Seminyak, some restaurants and bars in Bali where I have played. Not a definitive list by any means, this will be added to over time.

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Click on the name (in green) of the following restaurants and bars to go their page on this site where you will find a map and description of place and their food.

Baraonda is a lovely Italian restaurant on Jalan Drupadi with a small table upstairs in the open air. Here you can go with a friend and play.

Not a great table though – slow, super soft cushions and not level. Mmmm

Newly opened in 2017 is BarBZar, also on Jl Drupadi in Seminyak, right on the 90 degree bend, has a high quality pool table upstairs. There are pool comps here on Thursday nights, just for expats, and on Saturday nights for everyone. Pretty stiff competition here. The cues here are good. Drinks fairly priced, the shots really help!

The pool table at BarBZar is a treat to play on.

Single Malt Whisky Bar in the Oberoi part of Seminyak has a beautiful large table outside where they have pool competitions on Wednesday and Saturday nights with very good players. Mostly, however, you can just go and play with a friend.

Rumours bar and restaurant features probably the toughest pool competition in Bali. It has one small table with large pockets so the games go fast, to appease the long queue of players.

Rumours is very popular and it can take up to an hour, or even more sometimes, for your name to come up to play.

Personally speaking, by that time I have had a few drinks and the person I have to beat has won a few games and is playing well, so it is not ideal as you can lose fast if you play one of two poor shots in the beginning.

Not a place to go if you just want to play with your friends. They have a happy hour after 10pm so it gets busy then.

Barbie-Q has a large size table that is kept in pretty good condition that is usually available to play. It is inside in a stuffy corner, away from all the action, so it is a bit dull, but still a good place to play if you just want to practise.

The Jaya pub just near Bintang supermarket is a funky little pub with a small table. Not so great, but for sure a place where you can play with a friend most of the time.

Lizbah sports bar on Jalan Kunti has a small pool table upstairs. Bit stuffy tho. More for kids to amuse themselves while Dad watches a game.

Where to play pool in Bali Porky Duck

Porky Duck had a nice table in a relaxed atmosphere

Litut in Jalan Merthinadi towards Kerobokan Prison has a very nice table and it is usually available to play with friends. Sometimes they have a fierce competition.

Adrenaline in Seminyak Square is a big sports bar with a small table near one of the TV screens, so it is a bit tricky during a game. They have weekly pool comps, of a middle standard. No hustling here.

Mannekepis is a Belgian restaurant in Seminyak that has live blues bands playing downstairs most nights. Upstairs there is a beautiful table that used to be the best in Bali but has of recent years dropped in quality and popularity.

This is a good place to go if you want to play some games with a friend on a good table without crowds.

By Mark O’Brien, April 2015

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