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Mexican restaurants in Bali

Bali restaurant L Mexicana plato Grande

mmmm, Mexican food in Bali! Margaritas?

Mexican restaurants in Bali

Over the last couple of years there have been many Mexican restaurants in Bali opened that range from the local Mexican café to more proper Mexican restaurants.

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Mostly the Mexican restaurants I have been to are in the Seminyak Petitenget area which can be found at Mexican restaurants in Seminyak on this website.

By Mexican restaurants I mean dedicated Mexican restaurants in Bali, not Bali restaurants that have a couple of Mexican dishes on the menu. However, I have included a couple of restaurants in Bali an with extensive Mexican menu that qualify.

Other areas I will get to and expand this page to include Mexican restaurants from other areas in Bali.

Click on the name of the restaurant in green to go to their page on this site.

Kerobokan mexican restaurant La Mexicana garden four

La Mexicana’s garden is a labour of love

Kerobokan Mexican restaurant La Mexicana is a big and beautiful Mexican restaurant on the way to Canggu that has a gorgeous cactus garden to enjoy. They have a pool table also although it is a bit cramped and so not so nice to play on. OK for kids.

In my experience this is the best value Mexican restaurant I know in Bali, as while the prices may be 10-15% higher than other places, the portions are 50% bigger. If you are hungry then this is the place. Margaritas are really good here too!

Their use of coconut wood in the structure of the restaurant is also worth checking out. A great use of a sustainable building timber. Attractive too.

Umalas Mexican restaurant La Libra Taqueria is a funky little American-esque Mexican restaurant that serves pretty authentic Mexican food in Bali. Just opposite Bali Buda.

Batu Belig Mexican restaurant Taco Beach Grill is more of a café that serves good Mexican food at a budget price. Popular with the younger surfie scene, very casual and brightly coloured.

batu belig Mexican restaurant Taco Beach grill street

Taco Beach Grill is wonderfully colourful

Echo Beach restaurant Betelnut Café in Canggu is not really a Mexican restaurant but has quite a lot of tasty looking Mexican dishes on their menu.

Ubud Mexican restaurant Taco Casa tables

Taco Casa serves good food at a good price

Ubud Mexican restaurant Taco Casa is a sister restaurant of Petitenget Mexican restaurant Taco Casa and is one of only a couple mexican restaurants in Ubud.

Taco Casa serves good quality Mexican food in Ubud in quiet and peaceful surrounds.

Padang Padang Mexican restaurant Cacho’s is a fun place serving pizzas as well as good Mexican food to go with the margaritas.

This compilation of Mexican restaurants in Bali will grow over time.

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M maher May 12, 2017 at 8:58 pm

I would have thought TJ's in Poppies lane may have had a review. Being established for some 40 years deserves some mention.

admin May 15, 2017 at 2:19 pm

Hi, there are maybe 10,000 restos in Bali, with maybe 20 opening and 20 closing each week. Getting to all is impossible. In that area also it is mostly foot traffic, locally staying people - ie nobody is gonna travel from elsewhere to visit, so therefore a web review is not useful. If you want to write review by all means do that, take pics and send it in.

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