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Medigold medicinal honey now available in Bali

Medigold medicinal honey now available in Bali

For centuries honey has been used not only as a sweetener but for its healing antibiotic properties. One of the honeys with the strongest medicinal application is Medigold Australian T-tree honey, also known as Manuka honey.

Get your Medigold now! Due to the horrendous fires in Australia 2019-20, most of the honey producing bees are gone, and people in the industry are saying that it may take up to 20 years for this quality of honey to be produced again. 

Medigold medicinal manuka honey now available in Bali and is currently sold privately, email

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Medigold honey is collected from the hives near T-tree forests and plantations, so incorporate the qualities of honey and T-tree oil that are both well known, the perfect fit and the perfect addition to your medicine cabinet.

Medigold medicinal honey is world-renowned for its healing qualities.

Medigold medicinal honey has a very high microbial activity. This is due to both hydrogen peroxide releasing enzymes and a unique phytochemical activity. This product has been tested at 18 times as strong as antibiotics.

Unlike pharmaceuticals which are useless against anti-biotic-resistant infections, bugs and infections such as those that cause tropical ulcers have no resistance against natural honey.

Suitable for all skin issues:

Tropical ulcers Apply twice daily, wrap and keep dry. Good to get as much sunlight as possible on these kind of wounds to accelerate drying and healing. Often these kind of infections persist after skin has healed, so do not rush. Use Medigold tree times daily until weeping stops, then get some sun onto the would to dry it out and use Medigold to heal the skin.

Sores on hands and arms that do not go away. Just run on twice a day, just a small amount. More honey is not necessarily better. Just use a small amount. It does seem to work better if in contact with water, so use a few drops of water or saliva over infected area immediately prior to using the honey.


Cuts that may become infected

• Scars: Rub Medigold onto scars twice a day and notice marked reduction in scar appearance.

• Skin blemishes: Even one application of honey will make a difference.

• Acne: Oddly enough this honey is really good for acne and pimples, drying out and cleaning the skin and promoting pimple free skin.

Burns: honey protects wounds from infection while promoting healing.

• Mouth ulcers: Simply rub Medigold honey around the affected parts and it will work within one or two days, repeat if desired.
from anecdotes, success with warts and sunspots has been achieved.

Internal uses – Medigold honey can also be ingested to combat that feeling of being about to come down with a bug.

• Sore throat or strep throat:

Simply squeeze a cm of Medigold medicinal honey onto your finger and place on tongue, letting it dissolve on your tongue. Expect a radical improvement.

Kid’s sore throats and painful cough.

While this can be really difficult as the kids are upset, Medigold T-tree honey can help quickly. And, being sweet, kids like it. Safe for babies also.

Do not boil Medigold medicinal honey as high temperatures destroy the health benefits. Some people smear some inside the nose when flying to prevent catching air-borne bugs.

As honey is a natural preservative so it will last you for years, but it does appear that once opened, Medigold medicinal honey will lose some its potency if it gets too hot but also do not store in your fridge. So once you break the seal, store in a cool place.

Medigold is safe to use – it is after all, honey. A must for any tropical medicine cabinet!

If you wish to sell this at your store, contact us through the comments form below.
Wholesale prices are 150,000 for ten or more, while under 10, 170k each, and retail in shops is usually 230-250,000 each.

Contact to order your supply of Medigold honey – you can buy one tube for 220,000 or two for 350,000, adding another 20,00 to cover delivery costs.

RIE October 15, 2014 at 3:34 pm

where i can get this product ,, can i have the store name and prices thank

Djoni April 11, 2018 at 7:25 pm

This honey is amazing. I had a motorbike crash caused by a kite string that was lying on the road. After a truck went over the string, it blew up to my face height and cut me from ear to ear and I fell off the bike, causing many cuts and bruises. Three weeks later my cuts and bruises were gone but scar remained. I tried aloe vera after being recommended it, but it did nothing. After few more days Mark gave me some honey, and after using it three times a day, rubbing it in, in one week there was no trace of the scar! Thanks you so much, a life saver!

Soraya Jappie May 14, 2019 at 4:54 am

I wish to order in bulk for retail in Cape Town South Africa please.

Cathleen Batiste November 19, 2019 at 10:09 pm

Good morning, I would like to purchase a tube. Please send me the information. Thank you, CB

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