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Japanese restaurants in Bali

Sanur Japanese restaurant Soya inside

Japanese restaurants in Bali

There are many Japanese restaurants in Bali catering to all budgets and styles, many run by the large Japanese expat community in Bali as well as others with the passion for Japanese food and culture.

Have you been to any Japanese restaurants in Bali and like to share something? Leave your comment or mention your favourite Bali Japanese restaurant at the bottom of this page.

This list of Japanese restaurants in Bali will grow over time. Click on the name of each Bali Japanese restaurant in green to go their page on this site.

Mostly the Japanese restaurants in Bali that I have been to are in the Seminyak area. There are so many that they have their own page. See Japanese restaurants in Bali, Seminyak.

Over time other Japanese restaurants in Bali will be added to this list.

Sanur Japanese restaurant Soya tables

Soya is a classy Japanese restaurant in Sanur

Sanur Japanese restaurant Soya

Soya in Sanur is a melange of tradition and modernity, and its striking colour scheme is matched by its food.

Classy and upmarket, with an indoor, non-smoking and air-conditioned area as well as an outdoor area.

Sanur Japanese restaurant Ryoshi

Compared to its sister restaurant in Seminyak, Ryoshi in Sanur is a bit, how to say, undressed! Fairly basic design but featuring the same quality food.

Sanur Japanese restaurant Minami on the beach inside

Minami is a lovely place to sit

Sanur Japanese restaurant Minami

Minami in Sanur is a small Japanese restaurant/cafe 20 metres from Sindhu beach in Sanur. A lovely, casual little place, nice breeze in the afternoon.

Sanur Japanese restaurant Sumo

Sanur Japanese restaurant Sumo is an odd place, not very interesting – prices are the same as other Japanese restaurants in Sanur but the ambience, flair is lacking.

Legian Japanese barbeque restaurant Yakinikuya Sakai

Yakinikuya Sakai is a Japanese barbeque restaurant just behind the MacDonalds on the corner of Jl Sunset and Jl Nakula. Not my favourite kind of place, where you get to barbeque your food on your table, but others seem to like it.

Lovina Japanese restaurant Seyu tables

Seyu is a simple yet classy Lovina Japanese restaurant

Lovina Japanese restaurant Seyu

Seyu in Lovina is a small family Japanese restaurant not far from the beach in Lovina. Good food, lovely, quiet, elegant, a touch of zen.

Petitenget Japanese restaurant Dayana

Dayana offers a lovely Japanese dining experience in Bali in the Petitenget area. Good food at a fair price that can be eaten outside around the pool or inside in non-smoking and ai-conditioned comfort.

Umalas Japanese restaurant Bali Susheria

While not strictly a Japanese restaurant as they do Japanese Mexican fusion sushi, Bali Susheria is very popular and serves excellent fusion sushi in Bali. Very tasty, a good idea, and Susheria is usually busy.

Umalas Japanese restaurant Bali Susheria food

Susheria has really interesting and tasty fusion sushi

Umalas Japanese restaurant Tahari Sushi

Tahari Sushi in Umalas didn’t impress me much on the night I visited, but they do have an interesting menu and also have an indoor air conditioned and non smoking area as well as outdoor tables.

Kunti 3 inside

Kunti III is a lovely Japanese cafe

Umalas Japanese restaurant Kunti III

Kunti III is a small, family Japanese restaurant just near Bali Buda in Umalas that serves quality Japanese food. I often go there for some salmon and miso soup. They have good dinner deals here from around 100k.

There is a Kunti II in Kuta, and most likely a Kunti I somewhere else I do not know about!

Ubud Japanese restaurant Toro Sushi counter

Toro is a busy little place in Ubud

Ubud Japanese restaurant Toro Sushi

People love the variety and imagination of the food at Toro Sushi in Ubud. Lots of rolls, tempura, sushi, teriyaki, Toro Sushi is a nice surprise in Ubud. In Jl Gautama just behind the market.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2015

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Craig Alexander May 19, 2015 at 6:24 pm

You left out Zen Sushi in Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak. Over 160 choices of hot and cold Tokyo izakaya style dishes. Average spend per head, 150,000, which includes, tax, service, food, drinks and alcohol.

admin July 7, 2015 at 3:17 pm

Done, thanks Craig

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