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Italian restaurants in Seminyak

Seminyak Italian restaurant Ultimo gorgonzola steak

Italian restaurants in Seminyak   

There are many quality Italian restaurants in Seminyak to choose from, each unique, where you can enjoy very good Italian food in Bali.

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I have chosen the following Seminyak Italian restaurants as being my favourites, ranging from small family run restaurants to the larger bistro-type establishments. Click on the restaurant name in green to go the detailed review on this website.

In the Oberoi area of Seminyak there are some good ones. Ultimo, Trattoria, Rumours and Chandi all provide good Italian food you will want to come back for.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Ultimo

Ultimo is by far the largest and busiest of the Italian restaurants along this strip. With a large convivial bar to sit around at the front where you can eat or wait for a table, Ultimo offers a garden area out the back with live music nightly, often featuring an Italian tenor dripping with Italian schmaltz!

I have been here many times and have been happy every time, with the service and food of a consistent quality.

There is a large non-smoking dining area here.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Ultimo tables to back

Ultimo delivers a quality dining experience every time

Seminyak Italian restaurant and bar Rumours

Ultimo’s sister restaurant, Rumours, which is just 40 metres down the road, offers similar food though of a step down in quality, price and serving size compared to Ultimo. Rumours is more of a bar where you can eat well and cheaply.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Trattoria steak

The steaks at Trattoria are delicious.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Trattoria

In between Rumours and Ultimo is Trattoria, one of a chain of Italian restaurants in Bali that does good Italian food in an authentically Italian setting – noisy, a bit cramped and busy. Trattoria means a busy café, unpretentious. Somewhat more expensive than Ultimo, the food here is excellent also.

Seminyak European restaurant and bar Chandi

Chandi does a mix of European food, predominantly Italian, and is a classy restaurant oozing sophistication with a refined ambience.

The food here is a bit experimental and worth a try.

Bali restaurant Chandi

Chandi offers elegant and sophisticated Italian dining

Seminyak Italian restaurant Kebun Zibiru

Between the Oberoi and Dhyanpura areaa of Seminyak is Jalan Drupadi, and along here is Kebun Zibiru (named after the owners) which is much more of boutique Bali Italian restaurant run by its owners, with a menu that often changes using authentic, imported Italian ingredients.

A bit of a treat, Kebun Zibiru in Seminyak is a bit more expensive than other Italian restaurants in Seminyak but makes up for it with a private and intimate ambience.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Mozzarella

In the Dhyanapura area of Seminyak is Mozzarella, one of a chain of such Italian restaurants in Bali. I have not eaten there but the menu and ambience of the restaurant promise good food.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Baraonda

Keep going down Drupadi and you will find another interesting, family run Bali Italian restaurant called Baraonda.

Quality Italian food, checkered tablecloths, creative dishes, with an owner who keeps checking to see if you are happy, and a bit cheaper than the Italian restaurants in Seminyak already mentioned.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Baraonda wall

Baraonda is a traditional, family run Italian restaurant

Seminyak Italian restaurant Rolling Fork

Rolling Fork is a tiny family Italian restaurant on Jalan Kunti, not far from Bali Deli, that does really good homemade Italian food for a budget price.

Nothing really fancy here, but of a good quality nevertheless.

With maybe 6-8 tables Rolling Fork in Seminyak is very small and genial, great for more casual dining.

Seminyak Italian restaurant Rolling Fork salad

Rolling fork offers simple and hearty Italian food

Seminyak Italian restaurant pizzeria Mazano

Moving on to the Double 6 area bordering Legian and Seminyak we find Mazzano, that seems to have been there forever.

Popular, and not far from the beach, Mazzano has been serving fairly simple Italian food for years, seemingly long after any Italian was in the kitchen – ie, there is not much about real Italy here. The food is good however, and more suited to budget dining.

Seminyak Italian food restaurant pool

Seminyak Italian Food Restaurant offers fine dining

Seminyak Italian Food Restaurant

Grandly named, Seminyak Italian Food Restaurant is on the first floor of the Double 6 hotel, overlooking the Seminyak beach and the Seminyak beach restaurants, and is an up-market Italian restaurant. I have not eaten there as yet, but it looks swish, with pricing to match.

Seminyak Italian Food Restaurant has an extensive wine list to choose from also, and with booths and tables inside as well as tables outside under the stars with the gorgeous view over the beach.

Seminyak beach restaurant K resto bean bags

The beach and quality food at K-Resto

Seminyak Beach Italian restaurant K-Resto

K-Resto is one of many Seminyak beach restaurants but perhaps the classiest one, offering (relative) fine dining on the beach. Well priced, here you can enjoy quality Italian food, wine in a nice glass and sand in your toes!

K-Resto on Seminyak beach has good menu and a broad wine list and also have an indoor, air conditioned non smoking area.

By Mark O’Brien, August 2015

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Richard O'Brien August 7, 2015 at 3:50 pm

You should feature a signature dish for each restaurant, I reckon and the little touches like the baskets of bread and bread sticks you get at Ultimo and Trattoria and the gratis lemoncello or yummmmmmy Chocolatcello at Trattoria. There are also a couple of new ones on Sunset road, 2 in Batu Belig and, of course, Zanzibar on the beach at 66. Cheers

admin August 8, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Cheers Mr O'Brien! That level of detail I try to avoid. That costs time and money, and someone has to pay, usually the restaurant, which turns review into advertorial. just like all the other 'blow smoke up yr ass' type Bali reviews layering the bullshit! You will also find more info if you go to the restaurant detail page, click on resto name in article I did also say my fave Italian restos. Batu Belig is not Seminyak, Zanzibar is on Legian side of 66 tho that is admittedly vague, with Legian being the great disappearing suburb!

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