Are Indonesian doctors the worst?

Are Indonesian doctors the worst in the world?

Are Indonesian doctors the worst in the world? Over the past three years I have had enough experience of Indonesian doctors to make me realise I never ever want to be in their hands.

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It is as though they do their training at the bank – they pay some money and get a degree!!

One thing that I recommend, is that if you can afford it, and even if you cannot, get medical insurance that covers the cost of flying out of Bali and gets you to a hospital in Singapore or Darwin.

You can get ‘one event’ insurance to cover that possible bike crash that hospitalises you. Check it out, because you really do not want to have to depend on an Indonesian doctor or pay their exhorbitant fees.

A friend who fell off his bike, got some gravel rash, was quoted 80 million ($8,000) simply to have his wound dressed, while under a general anaesthetic of course!! He opted to go home, clean his wound and put on some bandaids.

The hospitals in Bali are profit making, so will charge whatever they can to maximise profits. They will over-service you like mad or, as below, don’t care if you do not have enough money.

Recently a friend of mine had a motor bike crash (Yes, one of those hit and runs where a crash is staged and the guys on the bikes who cause it steal the contents of the bag.)

She was taken to hospital where after a few minutes of prodding the doctor informed her that he leg (the fibula, the non weight-bearing bone on outside of the lower leg) was just bruised, not broken.

No x-ray of course, though probably she could not afford it anyway. And he sent her home. He told her to have someone pull the leg (to set it maybe?), but she said it hurt too much.

I saw her a few days later and she was in a lot of pain, unable to walk much. After another week of waiting for it to be better, having massages etc, she went to hospital where they told her that yes, it was broken.

Still no X-ray to confirm the kind of fracture, and how it needs to be set, though I supposed this is a financial thing as things like that can cost 50% of a month’s salary.

Mind you, at this point there was some infection also, lucky not to be gangrenous which would mean amputation, thus destroying a pretty young girl’s life. So a few days in hospital, fracture has been set, and now she is at her cousin’s place recovering.

Lucky to have not lost her leg, but also with a break that will not heal straight and a limp that may be permanent.

Two years ago my girlfriend was feeling super weak while staying in a hotel in Jakarta, barely able to walk. The hotel doctor came, diagnosed typhus, and gave her some anti viral medicine,and said she would be fine in three days.

The story he told her about the typhus bug was that if you moved around, the bug would hide and the medicine would not be able to find it, but if you rested the bug would not hide and the drugs would be able to kill it.

Now this doctor got his degree in a kindergarten somewhere, clearly missing his calling as a pre-school teacher.

Anyway, two days later she went into convulsions, was taken to hospital where she went into a coma and put on life support with massive cerebral haemorrhaging, and died 4 days later.

Pills 3

Pills pills pills!! Doesn’t matter if they make right diagnosis or not, Indonesian doctors just want to give you pills!

Even the doctor there kept on talking about her having some massive fall, not connecting the dengue fever that appeared in her blood tests with any of her acute symptoms.

She had been incredibly proud of her country and the achievements of her people, but was super let down in the most important way of all. I only later learned about haemorrhagic dengue fever myself.

But he is the doctor, in intensive care and supposed to know, or at least, if he really wants to know, to check to see what the possible manifestations of dengue are.

If she had been treated for dengue instead of the doctor simply looking for something to support his theory, then possibly she may have survived.

On another occasion I had what I thought was a spider bite on my neck. After a few it was very hot and irritated and not going away, so I was persuaded to a hospital.

The doctor examined me with no gloves on, touching an open and clearly infected wound on my neck. When I pointed this out to him, he said it was OK, that he would wash his hands.

That was not my main concern, but rather what his hands were infected with prior to touching my open wound!! Anyway, he said it was herpes, and I know I have never had herpes, but he was insistent, and prescribed me anti-virals.

I tried them for a day but it felt like rubbish, so I just used my medicinal honey and the wound and pain were gone in a day. Wrong diagnosis again. And super sloppy hygiene. Lazy mentally also, too lazy to consider a second or third option in their brain.

I have an electrician who is a far better diagnostician and whose brain is far more flexible and active than any doctor I have met in Indonesia. A doctor’s laziness can cost you your life.

In the West doctors have an enormous struggle keeping up with outbreaks of various tropical diseases and how they can manifest, and how they are becoming more prevalent in the West (Revenge perhaps from all the millions of Indigenous, tropical peoples who died from exposure to European sicknesses?).

It is fair enough that Indonesian doctors do not know everything. But their blithe assurance that they do know when clearly they do not, is deadly.

Not having any understanding of the role of diet and environmental factors in illness is not good enough.

The Indonesian way of never admitting wrong or mistakes or that they do not know something becomes deadly when it related to medical issues.

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By Mark O’Brien, 2014

San May 12, 2019 at 7:09 am

Yes they are indeed the worst. Be careful to be sick here in bali, especially don't ever go to "international hospital" the doctor there still indonesian not foreigner. For example, rabies vaccine are free in public hospital if you were bite by dogs, when you went to International Hospital it 4000usd.

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