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Going out in Seminyak, Oberoi area

Red carpet inside

Going out in Seminyak, Oberoi area

Going out in Seminyak, Oberoi area is a fun thing to do, where you can enjoy a somewhat more upmarket, more sophisticated bar and party experience than in the Kuta area.

The Seminyak Oberoi area is something of a Bintang T-shirt-free zone, where you rarely see anyone wearing Bintang t-shirts or shorts which are deliberately banned in many places that don’t like that kind of Aussie patron.

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Officially known as Jalan Kayu Ayu, but known collectively as Jalan Oberoi, this area in Bali houses a diverse and sophisticated range of nightlife.

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The Red Carpet Champagne Bar (se the photo at the top) caters for the more mature and well heeled clientele and has the largest array of champagnes and single malt whiskeys in Indonesia, and plays music videos continuously all night long of mostly oldies sprinkled with some recent music.

Red Carpet Champagne Bar is a good place to meet people, being very convivial and not so loud. In my opinion this is one of the best Bali bars for people over 30, for sure the best bar in Bali for the over 40s.

Red Carpet have a dress code disallowing entrance to men wearing singlets or Bintang or other beer promoting attire. They do, however, offer the loan of a shirt if you need it.

In 2017 Red Carpet opened up an after hours club and bar upstairs that is open until 4am! I have been there twice and really like it. It has a dance floor, reasonable music, booths for privacy, drinks at the high end price wise. Sometimes they have a cover charge that pays for your first drink to stop freeloaders from coming.

Seminyak restaurant and bar La Favella garden tables

La Favella sprawls across bars and garden areas

Directly across the road there is super funky and sprawling La Favella which is a restaurant and late night party place for under 40s with mostly hip hop DJs playing.

Bars appear as you go along this road, officially called Jalan Kayu Ayu but known as Oberoi, the first being Soho, a 24 hour bar with live, rocking music and an occasional after hours hang out.

Opposite is Meja Kitchen which also has live music most nights while upstairs is the famous Single Malt whisky bar where you can indulge in some fine whiskies while lounging or playing pool on the terrace.

Then there is Rumours which is probably one of the liveliest bars in the area with a happy ‘hour’ starting at 10pm with a hot pool table competition and good value Italian food and where lots of fun happens most nights.

The crowd here is usually a younger one, and the music later at night gets a bit screetchy! Until midnight or so it is usually very good house, but after 12 the DJ seems to get carried away!

Past Rumours about 75 metres is Seminyak Bar and lounge Alibi, an upmarket, classy lounge bar with deep house music and comfortable lounges, and long bars to hang out at.

Seminyak bar and lounge Alibi corner couches

Alibi is sumptuously lit in gold lighting

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Down towards Seminyak Square is Zappaz bar, where there is live music every night, usually R&B pumped out by a super enthusiastic band and where drinks are fairly priced. Here you can rock out or get up and sing a song if you feel like it.

In Seminyak Square you will find Adrenaline Sports bar, Aussie male heaven, a large sports bar with 15-20 screens where all kinds of sport is available on tap. Food is basic, Indo/Aussie pub food, but drinks are fairly priced.

Going down this road maybe 300 metres around a couple of bends you will find Seminyak restaurant and bar Madame P, a quiet restaurant bar where you can have that quite pre-party drink or just enjoy the live music.

Keep going down this road and you will find Bali’s iconic Ku De Ta, the first of the big Bali beachclubs and probably the most famous, and a long time favourite for sunset drinks and its chilled out later scene. Not a great place to meet people but really good to go with friends.

Seminyak beachclub and restaurant Ku de Ta umbrellas

Ku De Ta set the standard for Bali beach clubs

If, instead of going down the hill from Seminyak Square, but instead turn right then left, you will come to Seminyak restaurant and bar Hotel Mexicola, a very popular and busy bar which has a mostly ‘tequila shot’ crowd ready for fun! This is mostly an under 40s scene, try it out!

Going out in Seminyak, Oberoi area is clearly full of options and possibilities.

.By Mark O’Brien, November 2014, updated February 2018

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