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Going out in Seminyak, Dhyanapura area

Seminyak restaurant Mozzarella general pic

Mozzarella brings elegance to Dhyanapura

Going out in Seminyak, Dhyanapura area 

Going out in the Dhyanapura area Seminyak is becoming a more sophisticated experience as time goes by while still maintaining the rock n roll and sexual rawness of the past.

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Dhyanapura is known as Bali’s sex centre, particularly among the gay and ladyboy scene, and can be a pretty wild scene here at night. There are lots of tacky cabaret shows here, both gay and straight, along with many Bali live music venues.

Previously there were a few pubs serving nothing special along with a some local Balinese restaurants providing the local taste experience.

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Bali restaurant warung Ocha back

Ocha has a lovely courtyard to relax in

On the corner of Dhyanapura and Jalan Seminyak is Seminyak nasi campur restaurant Warung Ocha, a great little warung serving nasi campur, an Indonesian buffet where you choose the exact foods you want.

Entering Jalan Dhyanapura you come to Zulas health food restaurant on the left where you can get vegan, vegetarian and whole foods along with perusing cabinets full of vitamins and health food products.

On the right side is Frankensteins Cabaret Club with its ghoulish cabaret happening nightly. The food here is a middle of the road Western/Indonesian mix while the entertainment is a long way from the middle!

Seminyak restaurant Mozzarella tables

Mozzarella ads class to the Dhyanapura area

Back on the other side is Seminyak Italian restaurant Mozzarella, an Italian restaurant which appears to be a step up in sophistication from the other restaurants in this area.

Then there is the Galaxy Sports bar where you will find Aussie die-hard sport fans enjoying their sport and where you can also get magic mushroom smoothies!

The food at Galaxy is sourced from other restaurants in the immediate area.

Magic mushrooms are still legal in Bali, but not for much longer (as of April 2015) , so if that is your bent then Galaxy can help you out.

Jef’s Burgers offers, well, burgers, open 24 hours a day, and has been a fixture in this area for some years.

Seminyak Japanese restaurant Sushimi, which has the only sushi train I have seen in the Seminyak area, is a lovely Japanese restaurant that always looks busy.

Further down you come to Bahiana, a Cuban inspired pub with salsa and live Latin music, with, I suggest fairly simply Latin food though I have never eaten there.

This is a fun bar to go to even if alone with the girls dancing on the bar.

Seminyak bar and restaurant Bahiana girls on bar

The Bahiana girls just wanna have fun!

Then there is Sante Fe, a big raucous pub with live music every night until late and fairly simple pub food. The bands here usually play a good blend of old rock and roll covers and are usually pretty good.

Down the road a bit further you come to Baku Dapa, an Indonesian restaurant which will challenge the heat sensors on your taste buds while not hurting your wallet at all.

Further down the road you come to the gay and ladyboy centre of Bali, with 4-5 bars in a row, including Bali Joe, that offer, or rather force feed, anyone who ventures close enough, the wildly sexual, transsexual, ladyboy and gay party experience until late in the morning.

The Bali gay cabaret is really silly, and very naughty!

Going out in the Dhyanapura area Seminyak is not complete until you check this scene, one of Jalan Dhyanapura’s most famous, out at least once!

Seminyak gay and ladyboy bar Bali Joe Bar stage

Gay cabaret in Bali at its silliest

Opposite the gay scene is a new underground kind of club (July 2015) called Koh which caters for mostly Westerners and is a great place to go to dance.

Past here there are some other restaurants I have not been to, after you pass through the dogleg the road does, and then there is a small strip of Seminyak restaurants including Menu which serves fairly basic Aussie pub type food and with not a lot to differentiate itself from other similar places on that strip.

At the bottom of Dhyanapura is the famous Gado Gado restaurant, an icon of Bali overlooking the beach that I went to years ago but not since, that serves upmarket international food in a lovely setting.

Opposite Gado Gado is the Anantara hotel with a very nice rooftop bar where some really good international blues and jazz singers have performed.

Going out in Seminyak, Dhyanapura area is an experience full of contrasts between the newer, more chic establishments and the older, more seedy and grungy ones.

As I visit more Dhyanapura restaurants they will be added onto this page.

By Mark O’Brien, December 2014.

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