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Dining in the Oberoi area of Seminyak

Bali restaurant Chandi bar

Chandi is simply plush!

Dining in the Oberoi area of Seminyak

Dining in the Oberoi area of Seminyak is a treat with so many varieties of food, bars and budgets with seemingly another funky and cool restaurant or bar opening each week.

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There are some very fun and varied restaurants and bars along this strip, starting from the Raya Kerobokan end, with The Corner House, a funky cafe come nightspot, and Red Carpet Champagne Bar which caters for the more mature and well heeled clientele, while directly across the road is La Favella which is a late night party place for under 40s.

Red carpet inside

Red Carpet, maybe the best Bali bar for over 30s

Next door here is Bistrot, an upmarket restaurant that I visited ages ago and was unimpressed with and haven’t returned to as yet.

As you go down the road the next place of food interest is Earth Café and Market which provides the non smoking haven for vegetarians and others who love healthy food. They also have a store to buy all kinds of healthy foods.

Further along the road is Batu Kali Bistro where the food is of a good standard and fairly priced also.

Opposite here is Seminyak bar and grill Char Char, opened in May 2015, which is a beautiful place with very nice food that is surprisingly good value.

Just past Seminyak Italian restaurant and bar Rumours which has good Italian food and is a fun bar, is Seminyak Italian restaurant Trattoria, one of a growing chain of quality Italian restaurants that has sprouted all over Bali and Indonesia in general and where you can have a great Italian meal at a bit above market price.

Seminyak Asian restaurant Ginger Moon crowd

Ginger Moon is an experience to remember

Next is Seminyak Italian restaurant Ultimo, (sister restaurant to Rumours and Char Char) which is a bit more upmarket but where the quality of food and the dining experience is always exceptional (an oxymoron perhaps?) and reliable.

Ultimo often have a live band, usually an Italian tenor romancing the crowd. The girls generally swoon!

Across the lane is Seminyak Asian restaurant Ginger Moon which is one the author’s favourite spots, a gem of a restaurant with excellent food.

Over the road is the expanding Nirvana bar and restaurant where they have Balinese dance and firedancers most nights that create a lot of energy. Food is OK though not so interesting personally. Bit of a fun sports bar.

Just down the road is Bali Café which is a somewhat sophisticated yet relaxed restaurant serving quality food and drinks.

Next up on this particular tour is Japanese Korean restaurant Kaizan with its menu a hundred pages long (just kidding, but it is a bit oversized to read in one sitting!).

Next comes Seminyak restaurant Chandi, another great example of the variation of dining in the Oberoi area of Seminyak that is home to quality experimental cuisine that will grab you off the street once you read the menu. See the photo at the top of this article.

Kunis garden tables

Kunis has a style you can taste

Kunis Japanese restaurant in Seminyak is one of the better quality and more upmarket Bali Japanese restaurants where you can have a sublime Japanese dining experience.

At the entrance to Seminyak Square shopping centre you will find Bali Bakery, a quality restaurant with exceptional cakes! Deeper into Seminyak Square are other restaurants, none of whom rate a mention here!

Upstairs you will find Adrenaline sports bar which has 14-15 TVs so is a great place to watch a game but the food is a bit so so.

Heading down towards Oberoi you will come across Seminyak world cuisine restaurant Safari which has a strong African theme and which serves really good food sourced from all over the world, a food safari!

Seminyak beachclub and restaurant Ku de Ta sunset

After 12 years, Ku De Ta still sets the standard

If you keep going down around 2 corners you will find Madame P, a chic restaurant bar with good food with live music a couple of nights a week.

This is opposite Kayu Ayu Square, home to a flea market every day and also to a group of Bali restaurants.

Keep going a bit further down this road you will find Bali’s iconic Ku De Ta, the first of the big Bali beachclubs and a sumptuous place to have that Sunday burnch

Yes there are lots of places that I missed here, and will add to this page over the next months.

Enjoy dining in the Oberoi area of Seminyak where the variety of delicious food and surreal dining experiences just keeps growing.

By Mark O’Brien, November 2014

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