Dangerous food additives to be careful with

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Dangerous food additives to be careful with

One of the hazards of living in this time of industrial food production is the consumption of many food additives, preservatives and colourings in our food. There are a lot of dangerous food additives to be careful with. Many have never been properly tested for affects on humans.

There are a lot of restaurants in Bali that use additives in their food because they want to make their patrons enjoy their food. But really, it is not a good idea. Maybe tune in to your favourite eating places, and ask the manager, or the cook. Help them to provide healthier food.

Following is a basic list of various problematic substances that may be in use in Bali.

Artificial food colourings
Many studies have shown that colourings cause behavioural issues with kids along with possible links to cancer (proved in animal testing but not yet in humans – those studies cost money!).

Blue #1 and Blue #2 are in lots of sports drinks and are banned in many European countries. Red #3 can also lead to chromosome damage and thyroid cancer and is found in many cosmetics and plus ice-cream and candy.

If you have kids, give them a break and don’t give them blue or red sweets. I have seen it again and again parents giving their kids such sweets and the kids spin out, resulting in a time out or some other punitive action.

It is not their fault if they are being fed a toxin – it’s like an adult being fed some psychoactive chemical and then wondering why they are going nuts. Don’t set your kids up to fail. To further illustrate this see A Death at a Funeral movie.

High frustose corn syrup
This is in just about every processed food as an artificial sweetener, including breads, soups and those supposedly healthy granola bars. High fructose corn syrup is a main contributor to obesity and can lead to diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners
Aspartame is the main such sweetener, and is in diet soda (see Coke Zero banned) chewable vitamins, toothpaste and chewing gum. Aspartame is carcinogenic, and has been shown to cause short term memory loss and have a negative impact on intelligence.

Apartame is, as of October 2015, called Amino Sweet to get around everyone’s concern about it.

Brominated Vegetable Oil  BVO
This is really toxic, and has been banned from use in food in Europe. it is used to keep colours in sports drinks and sodas from separating. Fanta, Gatorade and Powerade all use this.

Potassium Bromate
This is an extremely dangerous and toxic additive that ages flour fast, so creating a bleached soft and fluffy dough. Banned in China (must be REALLY BAD), but used in most places still, including Indonesia. Causes long term health issues such as cancer.

Mono Sodium Glutimate MSG
This revolutionised food when it first appeared, because it just makes things taste better. However, it also fools your body into thinking it is still hungry, hence contributes to obesity, and particularly in Indonesia, is a key factor in rapid weight increase, as everything has MSG in it.
MSG has been shown to increase the risk of eye diseases, depression, headaches and obesity.

Sodium Sulphate
This appears in many foods, like bacon, hot dogs,lunch meats and ham, plus smoked fish, often because it makes the meat look red. It is carcinogenic and disrupts the liver and the pancreas.

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydrozyttoluene)
These are preservatives prevent natural process in food that make it change colour, flavour or go rancid. They are linked to cancer and neurological problems.

Sulfur Dioxide
Often used on raw fruit, vinegar and beverages like wine and beer. This can cause problems breathing and is dangerous for people with lung issues. It destroys vitamins as soon as it enters the bloodstream.

Adapted for Balifoodandfun.com by Mark O’Brien 2013 from Healthier Foods and updated October 2015

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Sono King October 5, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Hey Mark, Are you aware of the spraying of formaldehyde (called formulin in Bali) on the fishermans catch. Apparently this is widespread, and I have heard that it is now pretty much impossible to find a Balinese fisherman who does not do this. Have you checked this out?

admin October 6, 2013 at 12:21 pm

No I have not heard, not sure what i would find out tho?? Ideas?

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