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Clubbing in Bali

Sanur nightclub Adora entrance

Clubbing in Bali

There is a plethora of options for clubbing in Bali with the Seminyak and Petitenget areas the places to go for more sophisticated, Western style clubs.

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Petitenget in the southern tourist strip between Kuta and Canggu, has become something of a centre for clubbing in Bali.

Pettitengit nighclub Mint bar

Mint in an easy place to meet people

Petitenget nightclub and bar Mint, has, since it first opened, provided good house music, excellent sound, and is popular among all kinds of people, and is busy with Bali working girls if that is your interest.

Mostly it is free to get in, or you pay for a drink first, usually of lower quality alcohol.

Not much of a dance floor, this can get very packed if you want to move your butt. Easy to meet people here.

Opened in 2016, Petitenget nightclub and lounge bar Shanghai Baby changed the Bali clubbing landscape.

Here there is no admission price (or at least at the time of the review there wasn’t), drinks are way cheaper than the other clubs in Bali, and there are lots of comfy leather couches where you can take a load off without having to pay for the privilege!


Love the couches at Shanghai Baby!

The music is good and not so loud. Not so smokey here also.

Close by to Petitenget nightclub Mint, Bali nightclub Shanghai Baby became very popular with Bali residents very quickly.

Petitenget restaurant and nightclub Mirror funny hand

Mirror is huge, stunning, and loud!

Petitenget nightclub Mirror is an upmarket club, stunning, huge, and full of upwardly mobile Jakarta people and Westerners.

Open until 4-5am (starting at around midnight to 1am) on Thursday to Saturday, this is a gorgeous place that is expensive, pretentious, and I do not like the music or acoustics at all. It is really busy, so obviously many others really like it here.

Mirror has a strict dress code, and charges to get in, around 150k which gets you a mixed drink made from who knows what. Quite a scene here.

Not easy to meet new people here, music is too loud and acoustics too bad which tends to isolate people. See the review.

Mirror is a high end Jakarta club dropped into Bali. Check out the review for pics and more information.

Seminyak nightclub, bar and restaurant Jenja view to bar

Jenja has good music and sound, beautifully done

Seminyak nightclub Jenja is also stunning, although not on same scale as Mirror. Admission fees buy you a dodgy mixed drink.

Jenja has a good bar that makes it easy to meet people, and has good music and acoustics. It is very smokey so non smokers may not like it. Open until 6am Thursday to Saturday nights. Initially it was my fave club but I got a bit tired of their pricing policies.

Not far from Jenja is Legian nightclub Pyramid. Pyramid is a huge, funky place, with a large dancefloor where people actually dance, and there are pretty good acoustics so you can still talk.

Open until 6am Thursday thru Saturdays (maybe even later, depending on crowd), this does not really start until 2am when people exit other clubs and bars. Check their Facebook page for updates.

The Pyramid is a good place to go with a group, and if you are looking for a working girl, you will find plenty of options here. Do not, however, assume that every girl is working, as it is often not true and it is very insulting if you get it wrong.

It is worthwhile asking though, as subtly as posisble, if she is working or just having fun, as you might find yourself buying lots of drinks for a girl you like, and quite possibly her friends as well, only to find there is a hefty fee to take her home.

Opened in July 2015, Seminyak nightclub Koh is a boutique, industrial type club opposite the Dhyanapura gay and ladyboy bar strip immediately popular with Westerners who like its intimacy and good music.


La Vida Loca was a fun venue until it closed in 2016.

Bali nightcub Pyramid singer

Pyramid is possibly the best place to dance in Bali

Then of course is Kuta nightclub Skygarden, possibly Bali’s most famous club, and the other big clubs in Kuta like Engin Room, most of which cater to the younger, under 30, Aussie and backpacker scene.

Mostly these places close around 2-3, and you get pretty much get whatever your heart desires!

Skygarden has 6-7 different bars with different music and very different experiences on offer, the biggest of which is Skydome, a massive barn like space with huge sound.


Skydome is a massive space at Skygarden

Kuta nightclub Deejays is a full-on after hours club – super loud, dark, no concession to aesthetics here other than spacey light shows. Anything is available here, except maybe a quiet space!

Open until 6-7am, be a little wary at Deejays as it is dark and seedy, and unlike most other clubs where security is very present, here it is too dark for them to watch what is happening even if they are controlling ‘everything’.

Deejay’s in Kuta is good for hard core techno people. Mostly local people here, with a sprinkling of Westerners.

Kuta nightclub Boshe is also a hard core techno venue, mostly locals, with intense music and bad acoustics, a strange place, popular with locals though terrible for meeting people. Open till 4-5am, they also have karaoke here!

Sanur nightclub Adora from bar

Adora is a big, beautifully done club

In Sanur there is Adora Soul Destination that is beautiful, with live bands (big sound) and DJs, which is predominantly patronised by locals with a few Westerners. A bit of an experience for Westerners new to the Bali nightlife scene.

Akasaka in the heart of Denpasar is a large club complex, where a club called A Club is that often has good DJs and music. The main Akasaka club has super loud, hard core techno through a crappy sound system.

Be careful here, as there is lots of illegal activity happening that tourists can get caught up in.

There are of course classy clubs in the Jimbaran and the area south of the airport that I have not been to as yet that I have heard also offer the visitor a memorable experience.

Lovina beach club Slice offers the occasional party is a sophisticated environment, while Kantin 21 in Lovina is the most happening late night bar in Lovina with live reggae music most nights.

Watch this space for updates to clubbing in Bali.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2015

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