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Cheap eats in Bali

Kerobokan Indonesian restaurant Pil Pil nasi campur

Nasi campur is a favourite for diners of all budgets

Cheap eats in Bali

Cheap eats in Bali is part of a series of articles about eating out in Bali. See the links at the bottom of this article.

There are lots of very fancy and ex[pensive restaurants in Bali, but I am am becoming more attracted to the cheap eats in Bali where you can still eat for very little money, which I define as being able to eat a meal for under fifty thousand rupiahs or $5.

The cheapest eats in Bali are often roadside stalls that I cannot recommend for a tourist as one does not want to risk a holiday spent near a toilet!

Do you know of some cheap eats in Bali that ought to be on this page? Leave your comment about it or this article at the bottom of this page.

Often these are Bali nasi campur restaurants (nasi campur – pronounced champur – refers to a type of Indonesian buffet with rice and many other goodies that you can choose from) but there are still some a la carte Bali restaurants offering a dining experience on the cheap.

Following are some of my favourites, divided into locations. Click on the name of the restaurant in green to go to their page on this site where you will find a review, some photos of the restaurant and their menu, and a map.

I have only included restaurants where I liked the food, not just because they are cheap.

Seminyak beach restaurant Champlung beach strip

Many great options for eating in Seminyak

Cheap eats in Seminyak

Because there are so many cheap eats in Seminyak that I have been to over the years, they can be found on another page at Cheap eats in Bali, Seminyak.

Cheap eats in Kerobokan 

Cheap eats in Kerobokan has also grown to where it needs it own page. See Cheap eats in Bali, Kerobokan

Cheap eats in Petitenget

Petitenget is home to some of Bali’s fanciest and most expensive restaurants but you can still find some very good deals here if your budget is important to you.

At the start of Petitenget road just up from Jalan Kerobokan are two very nice budget restaurants.

Petitenget restaurant Warung Murah serves a delicious nasi campur from morning till night, and is very popular amongst Westerners looking for wholesome food at a low price who come back again and again.

Petitenget Burger shop Pit Stop street

Upstairs at Pit Stop, above it all!

Petitenget burger restaurant Pit Stop is right next door and offers a great range of burgers for 50k, plus they have recently added other dishes that are a bit classier and more expensive.

Pit Stop is open morning till late at night, and has a great upstairs section to get above it all.

Exceptionally good value.

Cheap eats in Amed and Lovina in north Bali

Amed is full of cheap places to eat, and while nothing really stands out, I enjoyed pretty much every meal I had while I was there. I ate frequently at the Diver’s Cafe mainly because that was where we were staying.

The food was good and clean and the barracuda for 40k was exceptional.

Do a search on the home page for Amed budget restaurants.

Lovina restaurant JB’s offers exceptional value and good quality food. Eating and drinking for under 50k is easy to do here. Mains for 15-20k is the average. Not far from the beach too.

Cheap eats in Sanur

Sanur restaurant Blajong offers a very nice and healthy menu most of which is under 50k for a meal. Lovely vibe, clean food, a favourite of mine when I am in the area.

Sanur Indonesian restaurant D Senggol is a kind of Indonesian food court in Sanur. Here there are lots of local food stores with something delicious to try out in every one of them.

For sure there are other cheap eats in Sanur. Feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Cheap eats in Ubud
Ubud restaurant Alon Alon joglo

Alon Alon offers stunning views

Ubud ricefield restaurant Warung Alon Alon has a cheap and basic a la carte menu but you do not come here because of the food, but the views and the aspect are stunning.

Ubud organic restaurant Sari Organics has wonderful organic food grown in their own garden in a gorgeous location overlooking ricefields, a wonderful and relaxed restaurant.

Mostly the food at restaurants in Ubud is a bit cheaper than the southern coastal strip so you will find many restaurants here where you can eat cheaply.

Cheap eats in Padang Padang and Uluwatu
Uluwatu cliff bar Edge dark

Sunset at Uluwatu is hard to beat

Most places down this way are cheap with most of their dishes under 50k. Padang Padang restaurant Yeye’s is my favourite Padang Padang restaurant, while all restaurants on the Uluwatu cliff serve good food for under 50k. All of them.

With stunning sunset views too!

Cheap eats in Canggu

There are a few cheap eats in the Canggu Echo Beach areas, but mostly here the cheaper places are not so good, while most restaurants have many good dishes on that 50k mark.

Echo beach restaurant Sate bali sunset

Sunset on Echo Beach is gorgeous

The seafood restaurants on Echo Beach qualify for this page, just, and offer a wonderful Bali seafood experience. Here you can order seafood for around 50k and fill up as much as you want from the salad buffet. Great for budget dining in an amazing position.

Cheap eats in Kuta

Yes there are cheap eats in Kuta, lots of them, but there are none that I can say I loved or I want to go back to again and again.

Kuta is some way from my house and I don’t travel far for cheap food when I get it closer to home so I don’t know much about quality cheap eats in Kuta.

Kuta nightclub Skygarden offers an all you can eat buffet on most nights of the week, including all you can drink, for 120k which is exceptional value.  I went once and it was jam packed, and the food was pretty good.

Watch this space as this series of articles about eating out in Bali grows.

By Mark O’Brien, May 2015

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Paul July 2, 2015 at 10:58 am

In Sanur KKN warung , warung Krishna,

Temmy daudretsch July 3, 2015 at 9:15 am

Padang Bai Topi Inn Great menu and fresh food

Nadia August 12, 2016 at 8:54 am

Hi, we are in Bali ATM. Two Days ago We landed and it didn't go very well with us. One of the staff from our hotel ANANTARA Uluwatu Bali resort recommended Sea Fire Salt, We were so tired the Very first day and hungry, we ended up in Sea Fire Salt. Paid NZ $220.00 for the bbq fish which I didn't like it al all. :( After the big loss I started looking up for cheap eats in Uluwatu and your site came up. If anyone reading this knows any places in Uluwatu please us know. Cheers !! Thanks for the great site. Xxx Nadia

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