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A night to remember in Skygarden Nightclub

Bali nightclub skygarden bar

Photo is of the massive Sky Dome bar

A night to remember in Skygarden Nightclub

A night to remember in Skygarden Nightclub began one night I went with a friend who insisted, in her don’t-take-no-for-an-answer French way, on going to Legian nightclub Skygarden to support a friend of hers who was doing to late set as a DJ in the Skydome.

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Now Skygarden is not my favourite place, and I was feeling a little flat anyway, but I went along for the ride. The Skydome is a cavernous bar with a huge dome above, which seems to exist solely to destroy any acoustics, with the sound of the music playing when we arrived, industrial and deafening.

Kids seem to like it though, and the dancefloor with full of them jumping and screaming with their hands that weren’t holding a drink punching the air. Oh, most of the clientele were young Aussies.

The noise was giving me a headache, and my ears were hurting, and as talk was impossible I had to go upstairs to the viewing gallery to wait until my friend’s DJ friend started playing.


While I was there a guy from Jakarta started talking to me, telling me he was gay and looking for a bule boyfriend for the night.

I told him I was straight, liked girls, didn’t get into the guy sex thing, but he pressed. Then he offered me 500,000 to suck my you-know-what. I laughed and he raised it to 1 million. He told me he was a wealthy man from Jakarta with wife and family, but that he really loved to suck bule you-know-what.

He then told me he had a villa in Canggu and that he wanted to be my slave for the night, and I could make him do whatever I wanted (except leave me alone apparently) and he would pay me whatever I wanted; 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, name my price.

Legian nightclub skygarden strip evening

Photo shows the busyness of the street in front of Skygarden at 9pm!!

Funny the stuff that happens when you’re a guy on your own. I guess I am just not cut out to be a gay gigolo! Or a gay anything!!

Anyway, soon after my friend’s friend started playing music and I had a great dance for maybe an hour, and after milling around in the closing time lull, left, tired and sweaty, and without a slave.

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Mark O’Brien March 31, 2013

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