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About balifoodandfun.com Bali's online restaurant guide

Greetings and welcome to balifoodandfun.com Bali’s online restaurant guide. balifoodandfun.com is daily growing into a comprehensive Bali food and fun guide.

We aim to be a definitive Bali online restaurant guide, though with new Bali restaurants and Bali nightclubs popping up and dying like the proverbial mushroom after a storm, it’s a bit hard to review them all and stay current.

We aim to bring you reviews and comments on as many Bali restaurants and warungs as possible, as well as the various nightspots in Bali.

Nightclubs such as Cocoon and Ku De Ta in Seminyak/Legian with their stunning outdoor decor that simply invite lounging and grooving to some of the coolest lounge music around. Also Wooobar at W in Pettitengit with its outrageously beautiful driveway and the sumptuous surrounds is stunning.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of bars and nightclubs in Bali, ranging from the sublime to the grungy, and while we may not get to or like all of them, we will do our best to at least go in! balifoodandfun.com, Bali’s online restaurant guide will honestly review restaurants and nightspots.

We will not let the boundary between editorial and advertising get blurred regardless of how many drinks are offered, as is usually the case in Bali restaurant guides. We exist to provide information for the benefit of the customer not the restaurant.

So it is with some experience and discernment that reviews will be presented to assist you, the reader, in locating the best, not just the most exclusive and expensive, restaurants and Bali nightspots for you.

We do not accept advertising from nightclubs and restaurants as that would compromise our mission.

We also take happy snaps instead of doing professional photography, so don’t worry if the pics appear less than professional – they are!

Happy Editor Mark

Willing editor Mark

I don’t like disturbing diners with a flash, so only no-flash pics here. Some distant places have no pics at all because I visited them a long time ago, pre thought of this site.

Bali has long been a place where lovers have come to enjoy and be inspired by the warm, humourous nature of the Balinese who have been able to make manifest the whims of any local or international designers and architects.

Their polite and discrete nature lends itself perfectly to helping you relax, making sure they take care of every detail of your Bali dining or Bali nightclub experience.

In Bali you can discover local warungs that serve up delicious, healthy and clean food at a price that can still amaze.

You can also go totally decadent, or at least as far as your budget will allow, and dine like you have never dined before in an ambience that you’ve never felt before. Perfect for lovers, new, old or those about to be!

Feel free to submit your comments, and your ratings, and if you find a restaurant that you really like, or even really dislike, and it is not listed on this site, submit your own review. Take a pic or two also and send in, makes it more interesting to read.

Clearly getting around to every restaurant in Bali is impossible, which is why we are growing a team of authorised byronfoodandfun.com reviewers.

Check out this page and contact me if you are interested. So enjoy this site, and we hope it makes your Bali dining experience more pleasurable.

Mark O’Brien, editor